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Genotype Strain Gene Allele Chromosome
unc-8(e15lb145)IV; del-1(ok150)X AQ2937 del-1;unc-8 ok150;e15lb145 X;IV

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unc-8 (e15b145) del-1 (ok150) on food L _2011_10_04__12_18_31__1

Gene: del-1;unc-8
Strain: AQ2937
Allele: ok150;e15lb145
Chromosome: X;IV
Genotype: unc-8(e15lb145)IV; del-1(ok150)X
Ventral side: clockwise
Sex: hermaphrodite
Age: young adult
Habituation: 30 minutes
Timestamp: 2011-10-04 12:18:31
Food: OP50
Illumination: 627nm
Temperature: 22C
Chemical treatment: No treatment
Arena: low-peptone NGM plate
Tracker: tracker_5
Origin lab address: Room S220 (left and mid bay), MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 0QH, UK
Length Frames: 26994
Time: 14.9817min
Resolution FPS: 30.03
Height: 480 pixels
Width: 640 pixels
Microns per pixel x: -3.9696
Microns per pixel y: -3.9696
Fourcc: mjpg
Tracker: '2.0.4'
Hardware: '2.0'
Analysis: '2.0'
Video link:
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