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File access issue has been resolved. If you experience any other issues please email the team at wormdatabase[at]gmail.com!

23th July 2013 15:09
We are experiencing data download issues due to scheduled ftp data migration combined with high traffic! We apologize for data access issues and will get everything back up and running as soon as possible...

22th July 2013 13:00
The paper is out! Please read more about the method and results at Nature Methods.

7th July 2013 14:00
An exciting crowdsourcing project to analyse the collected video data with respect to egg-laying, a behavior that cannot be measured as accurately by machine as by the human eye was started. Visit Worm Watch Lab and join the discovery!

7th July 2013 14:00
There will be scheduled disruptions of the pdf viewer today. The service will fully resume tomorrow.

18th December 2012 12:00
Original videos: The overlay videos are hosted on YouTube and the original movies are made publicly available upon request due to storage constraints. Please send us an email if you would like to have access to the original video data.

26th November 2012 22:45
Welcome to the first online C.elegans behavioural database! This is a beta version of worm behavioural database - please send your feedback to wormdatabase@gmail.com

10th June 2012 19:45
Schafer lab is happy to be at EMBO Conference Series, C.elegans Neurobiology EMBL Heidelberg, Germany Thursday 14 June - Sunday 17 June 2012. Looking forward to meet all the other participants.

5th June 2012 09:50
We have created a comprehensive worm tracking and analysis package. Please find more information by clicking on Tracker button above.

5th June 2012 09:50

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